A Capacious Priesthood" Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 50.3 Fall 2017

A note concerning the article “A Capacious Priesthood:” This work was developed as part of my participation in the Maxwell Instuitite Summer Seminar of 2016 in Berkeley California. It was accepted by the directors of the seminar and presented at the conclusion of the seminar in a public forum (see https://mi.byu.edu/news-events/2016-mts/) . All of the presentations were gathered by the Maxwell Institute at BYU to be published in a collection “A Preparatory Redemption.” I was told by the same directors that accepted my article for public presentation that I had to dramatically edit my paper so that it complied with current LDS Church policy on women in the priesthood in order for it to be published. I felt this was a gross violation of scholarly ethics and refused to comply; of course my paper was not included. Gratefully Dialogue was more than happy to print my article.

A Sociology of Mormon Kinship: The Place of Family Within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Edwin Mellen Press, 2016.