I received my Ph.D. from Drew Theological School in the field of Religion and Society. My work focuses in Congregational and Mormon Studies. I am most often cited as an ethnographer although my work appeals to a diverse range of disciplines including ritual and gender studies. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Montana in Philosophy with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies.

Although Philosophy is my first love I chose Religion and Society as my graduate school focus because I feel that religion is where philosophy hits the pavement. I find that the lived experience of religion is where our individual and collective constructs of philosophy are lived and practiced on a daily basis.  

Academia is a second career for me. Prior to returning to school to earn a degree in Philosophy, I studied engineering and construction management. I worked in the steel industry as a drafter/designer and the last position I held in that field was as acting General Manager at a fabrication facility in Shanghai China and Vice President of International Sales.

I currently reside in Oakland, California with my husband and our four cats. As you may guess I spend the majority of my Sundays in a church somewhere. I love "church hopping" but my church home is in the Community of Christ (a welcoming and affirming denomination within the Mormon movement).

Dissertation Supervisors: Laurel Kearns, Terry Todd, David Knowlton, and the late Otto Maduro